Protein Powder For Kids: Choose The Right Healthy Drink For Your Child

Apr 30, 2021 | Fitness

plant based protein powder

Are you screaming for help for your child? Heck yes! Your child is not getting proper proteins and you find them unhealthy as other kids of their age. You already know what they need — plant protein powder. But there is an inch of confusion. You don’t know how to choose the right plant protein powder for your child, right? You cannot give protein powder to your child without guidance. You should know how you can choose the right one for your child. It’s time to find the right plant protein powder for kids.

But before jumping to that, ‌know what your child’s body needs. Children’s bodies have different immunity than elders and that is why the amount of protein recommended for them is different.

Kids require 1-1.5 grams of protein for every two pounds of body weight. This means if your child weighs 45 pounds, they need to consume 20 grams protein per day.

Although most of the children take the recommended protein intake, some children find it hard. If your child cannot consume the recommended protein intake, you need to increase their protein intake. You can do this by increasing your child’s diet and adding proteins. While focusing on improving your child’s intake, you need to remember not to give excessive proteins than what is recommended for your child.

If you are focusing on giving a protein-rich diet to your children, make it a point to give them these foods like quinoa, tofu, peas, beans, lentils, barley, brown rice, nuts, hemp, seeds, spinach, broccoli.

While a protein-rich diet is enough for your child to improve their health, you can go for supplements. While deciding to give supplements to your child, it is always better to take them on prescription by a pediatrician.

Choosing what and how’s a protein powder for kids can leave you confused. While choosing the right product is quite a task, you can choose the right one keeping these pointers in mind.

Check Protein Levels
Choose the protein powder based on your kid’s recommended protein intake. It is good to check the total amount the protein powder provides. Proteins are important for your kid’s body, but you need to understand the excessive intake than what is recommended. While focusing on improving your child’s intake, you need to remember not to give excessive proteins than what is recommended for your child. An excessive amount of food can cause your child’s kidney to damage.

See the GMP label
GMP stands for “good manufacturing practices.” With GMP labels on protein powder, you get the confidence that the powder is manufactured under proper food and safety practices. The protein powder that comes with the GMP label enlists all the ingredients for you to understand and ‌buy the powder.

Say No to Sugar
If you want to increase your child’s protein intake, reduce their sugar intake. Sugar has extra calories that you do not want your child to take. It is best recommended to choose either a low sugar additive or unsweetened protein powder. This does not mean you need to cut their sugar intake completely, but reduce it to some extent. While choosing the protein powder, check the amount of artificial sugar and sweetener.

Flair of Flavor
Yes! Protein powders come in different flavors — vanilla, chocolate, and unflavoured. It is always good to go for unflavoured protein powder. If your kid does not like unflavoured one, go for flavored ones but, consider the flavored powder with low added sugars.

Trust the Brand
After you have understood how to choose the protein powder for kids, research the products available in the market. Once you have the list of products, research about specific brands & ingredients, and how trustworthy the brand is. Make your decision based on this research.

Age Matters
There are a variety of supplements available and can confuse you, and you might end up buying the wrong product. Most of the protein powders available in the market are right for adults. Don’t mistake it for giving it to your child. It is highly recommended to choose the protein powder that mentions “protein powder for kids.”

When is an extra protein supplement needed for children?
When your child takes part in athletic activities, suffers from an illness, or has ‌a low weight to make them more healthy, protein supplements are needed. This means mostly the regular protein food intake is sufficient for your child. You should only give them protein supplements when you find any of these issues with your child. Take note to consult with a doctor or pediatrician before giving protein supplements to your child. They can harm your child’s body, so it is advised to give it only after the doctor has prescribed it.

What are the side effects?
The reason you are advised to take professional guidance before giving protein powder to your child is, it can have side effects you might not know about. You may be oblivious, and these supplements might hurt your child’s body and health internally.

No Nutrition
When your child takes more protein supplements, they can lose other important nutrients in the body.

Uninvited Weight Gain
Protein supplements come with artificial sugars which have high calories. When your child takes these supplements regularly, it can increase the weight of your child when the calories are not burnt timely.

Kidney Damage
Children are recommended to take protein and when they take excessive proteins than needed, it can damage their kidneys. This damage in the kidney can lead to kidney stones. This is the reason it is advised not to give them excess proteins than recommended.

Choosing the right plant protein powder can bring a difference in the health of your child and make you a happy parent. You just need to be smart enough to give the proper protein diet to give your child along with the extra supplement.