8 Plant Protein Benefits That Will Enhance Fitness & Nutritional Goals

Apr 16, 2021 | Fitness, Nutrition

plant based protein powder

Protein is amongst the three micronutrients that make a generalized diet, along with fat and carbohydrate. An essential contributor in building muscles, it’s a staple, especially for gym freaks. However, mostly meat and animal-based food is regarded as protein-rich and it does assist in building muscles faster. But, it also comes with a cost that can affect you in the longer run.

Plant-based proteins have come as a worthy alternative for animal-based food. The reason why it is being preferred is because of easy digestive properties, no antibiotics or harmful bacteria, and low level of heart-harming fat.

A research conducted on plant-based protein suggested that it is a potent source of fiber. This helps in regulating bowel movement and decreasing gut inflammation. Another study in 2016 by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics affirmed that it does reduce the risk of numerous chronic diseases.

The implications of these studies and the sudden shift towards plant-based protein make it vital for us to know its benefits.

Here are 8 plant protein benefits that will enhance fitness & nutritional goals.

    1. Sprouting food makes it easily absorbable by the body.
      The best can be extracted out of your plant-protein by sprouting it. You can do it with grains, nuts, beans, or seeds. Experts believe that this process makes it easier for digestion and retention of goodness.
      It’s typically helpful for people who face some sort of digestive discrepancy. These may include food intolerance, resting or slow metabolism, bloating, or constipation. The protein is made more bioavailable via the process of sprouting, hence helping in better absorption. The better the absorption, the more it’s available for muscle repairing.


    1. It’s a potent source of iron.
      Red meat has always been regarded as the best source of iron. However, pea protein from the plant alternatives provides a higher source of daily iron requirements.
      For comparison, you can take equal servings of a pea-based plant protein and animal-based whey protein. Where the former will fulfill 35% of your iron DV, the latter will amount to 0% of iron DV. And not only rich in iron, but it also provides protein to the body.


    1. Healthy fat can be obtained from plant-protein.
      While normal people categorize fat as bad, health enthusiasts do know the importance of healthy fat intake. This is found in nuts, which can be either consumed on its own or in a butter format. As they tend to break down into a creamy substance, the abruption is way faster.
      Besides, it also helps in regulating hormones, sugar levels, and diet.


    1. Plant-food comprising whole food helps you crave less food.
      If you’re in the process of shedding weight, then plant-based food like legumes and beans regulate the diet better. They help you in staying fuller for a prolonged period.
      In a study by Food & Nutrition, it was seen that those who consumed plant-protein consumed 12% lesser calories in the next meal when compared to animal-protein counterparts. It’s because of the high fiber content in plant protein.


    1. It maintains gut health.
      Poor gut health is often linked with autoimmune diseases, fatigue, depression, and so on. However, plant-protein helps in maintaining the microbiome diversity in the gut, thereby promoting good health.
      Nutrients journal studied the impact of plant-protein on gut profile. And it implied that people consuming plant-protein have less disease-causing organisms and more shielding ones. This keeps the inflammation low.


    1. Plant-protein increases stamina and recovery speed.
      Athletic activities require a lot of toned muscles and strength. Most athletes opt for animal-protein to combat these dietary needs. However, in current times, many are leaping to plant-based items that have an equal or more positive impact.
      Plant-based proteins have not only proven to enhance athletic performance but also increase the level of stamina. It indeed fastens the process of recovery from any sort of injury.


    1. These plant proteins also lead to a reduction in the consumption of harmful bacteria.
      With animal-protein substitutes, you are likely to intake elements that you would not want in your body otherwise. Since most people do not have a quality choice in terms of meat, they are susceptible to consuming hormones and antibiotics that our body absorbs readily. On absorption, it leads to its ill-effects.
      Not only does this lead to becoming hormone prone, but it also introduces a plethora of harmful bacteria in the stream of body blood. One very harmful bacterium that animal-protein eaters are vulnerable to is salmonella.
      In the case of plant-protein, there is no risk of harmful bacteria attacking the body. Thus, only the goodness of the substance is transferred to the human body instead of unnecessary side effects.


  1. Plant-protein also helps in combating diseases
    Plant-protein is also packed with high fibrous content. This cleanses the body and detoxifies the gut. This facility is not available in animal-based protein.
    A journal Circulation published research that claimed those who replaced red meat with plant-protein were at lower risk of heart diseases.
    The nutritious abilities of a plant-based protein are quite high to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer.


Plant-based protein has become a new trend as people have begun to study its impact on the human body in comparison to animal-based protein supplements. JAMA Internal Medicine researched in 2016 and established a relationship between plant-protein and mortality rates. The results showed that those who derived their protein from nuts, beans, and grains have a lower mortality rate when pitched against those who took animal-protein.

It is enriched with the goodness of fiber that not only combats many diseases but also keeps you youthful. The primary reason why plant-protein is being chosen over animal variants is that it does not suspend unwanted bacteria in the body. These bacteria can make us vulnerable to numerous bodily discrepancies. By providing food to the good gut bacteria, plant-protein reduces the inflammation caused by unhealthy bacteria. They attack the presence of unhealthy bodies in the human gut.

Apart from the immediate effects of a plant-based protein supply, there is also a prolonged safety assurance, which makes it great for your nutritional and fitness goals.